" Innovative Coatings for Glass & Plastics from Germany"

Diegel Creative Coatings

Exclusive Representation by Gunjan for Plastic and Glass Coatings

Diegel is specialize in surfaces in the world of technology. It develops and manufacture highly specialized products for coating and finishing plastics and glass.
Collaboration with Diegel creative coatings which stands for consistent high quality, creative development, highly competent technical advice and support.

The application and its uses of Glass Coatings:
Table Ware Manufacturers;
Glassware, Glasses, Plates and Bowls;
Halogen Lamps, Cosmetic Bottles, Perfume and Wine Bottles;
Ceramic products / porcelain products
Beverage / Liquor Bottles.

Diegel has expanded its horizon to more than 40 countries, and serving its client at the best.
Diegel's Products are eccologically impeccable and its processes are environmentally friendly.

Gunjan Paints Ltd., have obtained Exclusive Licence from DIEGEL Creative Coatings, Germany to represent / market Glass / Plastic Coatings in India.

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